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How do I share a project with others so we can collaborate?

Be Inclusive was made with collaboration in mind, here’s how to start sharing projects with others on your team so you can take on that next audit project together!

If, however, you want to allow others to create and manage projects on your subscription you can invite them to be an admin on your account instead.

Before we get started, teams are set up at the project level so you’ll need to create the project you wish to share first.

Team Member Invitation

Starting out from the project admin perspective, in your dashboard find the project you’d like to share and click on the “Team” button in the footer of that project card.

Dashboard with one project defined, an outline and arrow are pointing out the "Team" button in the bottom of the project card.

Clicking on that Team button will take you to the Project Team page for that project (screenshot below for an example), it’ll display all current team members under the “Editors” section and all pending invitations in the “Pending Invitations” section.

Click on the “Add an Editor” button to invite more people to the project.

Project team page that shows one editor defined, a link to add more, and a list of pending invitations that is empty

This will take you to the Project Team – Add Editor page, this contains a single form field where you will enter the email address of the team member you wish to add. If you’re adding someone who already has a Be Inclusive account, it’s best to use the email address they used to create their account. When you’re done, click Invite to submit the invitation via email to that person.

Once complete, you’ll be returned to the Project Team page and should notice the “Pending Invitations” section will have a line item that shows an email address and date invited.

Project Team Add Editor page with a single field form to enter the email address of the team member to add.
Project team page that shows one editor defined, a link to add more, and a list of pending invitations that shows one email

Accepting the Invitation

Switching to the perspective of the team member that that was invited, you’ll get an email notifying you that you’ve been invited to a project. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox. If you haven’t created an account yet, clicking the link in that email will direct you to start an account. You can choose to create a free account since another team member has already purchased a subscription and will be sharing the project with you.

If you do already have an account and are logged into it, that emailed link will take you to the Accept Invitation page with links to either accept or ignore the invitation.

Accept Invitation page, details the project the logged in user was invited to and has two buttons to either accept the invitation or ignore it.

If the email address used to invite you is the same as the one associated with your account, you can also see there are pending invitations at the top of your dashboard. Clicking on the pending project invitation button in that notice will take you to the Pending Invitations page, this will list all account admin (and project) invitations associated with your logged in accounts associated email address that you haven’t yet accepted or ignored. Clicking on any pending invitations will take you to the Accept Invitation page as noted above.

User dashboard with a notice at the top of the page about pending project invitations.
Pending Invitations page with a list of project invitations that haven't been accepted or ignored yet.

Once you accept an invitation, you’ll be redirected back to your dashboard where you’ll see the project listed in the Projects section. You’ll notice that the project lists you as an “Editor” and that you won’t have the full list of options available in the footer of that project card, such as the ability to archive or delete the project. You will, however, be able to make edits to the project and any associated audits.

User dashboard with one project listed with editor permissions rather than admin

Project Team Status

Back to the admin perspective, once invited users have accepted their invitations you’ll see their pending invitation is removed from the “Pending Invitations” list and a new editor is listed in the “Editors” section.

Project team page showing an additional editor added to the list after they had accepted the invitation to join the project team.

All set, now you’ll be able to collaborate together on the project and all associated audits!

With this editor-based workflow, user accounts are treated separately so only one account will have the ability to create and manage projects rather than that ability being shared by all members of the team. If you wish to share your paid plan with others so they can create and manage projects as well, check out How do I share my account with others on my team?

Last updated: Oct 19th 2022

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