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What is Be Inclusive?
Be Inclusive is a web app that helps you define, track, and share web accessibility audits.
  • Define - Our guided setup utilizes the WCAG-EM methodology to help you define the scope and identify your representative sample set of pages for your audit projects.
  • Track - Track success criteria results and log observations you've made during manual and automated testing all in one easy interface.
  • Share - When your audit is complete you get a printable results page full of audit details, export and share options are available too!
It simplifies the setup and admin part of the process (like storing observations with associated images) so manual auditing is easier to manage and share with teammates & clients.
Does it run automated tests like axe or Siteimprove?
No, Be Inclusive is complementary to these kinds of tools. Where Be Inclusive shines is in how it stores observations you've gathered from all your manual and automated testing efforts - including from tools like axe or Siteimprove.

Beta Registration

Is the beta really free?
Yes! As a thank you for being a part of the early stages of the app, everyone that signs up while in beta gets full access and two projects free for the duration of the beta.
What if I need more than two projects?
In the future we'll introduce a subscription model that will allow for more projects. This will be coming very soon, if you're interested in more projects before that's ready please use the form on this page to get in touch.
Is there a demo?
Not currently, because signup is quick and free we opted not to set up a demo in order to focus on other features. Use the form on this page to let us know if you disagree.

Accessibility evaluations

What’s the difference between a project and an audit?

A project defines the scope of what needs to be evaluated utilizing the WCAG-EM methodology, typically it's a website or portion of a website. This is where you define the pages you're evaluating and tools you'll be using to evaluate.

An audit is an individual evaluation of a project where observations are stored and success criteria results are tracked. A project can have multiple audits, so you can track your remediation progress over time. An audit is where you'll spend the majority of your time tracking observations and - when complete - will be where you go for a shareable audit report.

Can I export the result data for use in another system?
Yes! Currently we have a CSV export and a specially formatted CSV for use in importing as JIRA cards. More coming soon, if you need to export to something else please use the form on this page to let us know!

Get in Touch

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