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Accessibility Statement

I want everyone who visits the Be Inclusive website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding.

What has been done

To help make the Be Inclusive website a positive place for everyone, I've been using Be Inclusive itself to test against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 systematically every quarter. Remediation of the findings are performed soon thereafter.

The WCAG guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user friendly for everyone. There are three levels of accessibility conformance (A, AA and AAA). I’ve chosen Level AA as the target for the Be Inclusive website.

How am I doing?

I've worked hard on the Be Inclusive website and, besides the above noted issues, I believe I've achieved my goal of Level AA WCAG 2.2 conformance. If you do find any additional problems, please get in touch either by using the contact form or you can email me directly at I take accessibility very seriously and will do my best to make it right as soon as possible.

Please also get in touch if you've enjoyed using the Be Inclusive app or if you have any questions or suggestions.

This accessibility statement was last updated in February 2024.