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App Updates: Summer 2022

It’s been a busy spring and early summer for Be Inclusive, time for another round up of app updates we’ve made recently to continue in our mission of making Be Inclusive the best accessibility auditing tool around!

Highlights include:

  • Account Sharing
  • Success Criteria status options
  • More Documentation

Account Sharing

One of the most requested features is now a reality! Anyone with a subscription can now invite their peers to be administrators on their account. This will allow those admins to be able to view and manage all existing projects as well as to create new ones on their behalf. A perfect way to purchase a company subscription that multiple people need to help administer. Check out the How do I share my account with others on my team? Help Center article for in depth instructions on how to set it up.

Success Criteria Status Options

Another often requested feature was the ability to set success criteria statuses for all target samples at once. Some folks wanted this specifically so they can set a criterion as failed globally due to an issue with a global component (for example in the header navigation), others have a workflow where they test each success criteria across all samples at once. Now you have the flexibility to do just that using the “Target Sample”/”Entire Sample” toggle. It’s present on all success criteria status modals in the audit editor. See the Help Center article Audit Success Criteria Explained for all the details on how this works.

More Documentation

As you may have noticed, I finished both sections above with a link to more details in the Help Center. One of my bigger plans for 2022 noted in the roadmap was to be more vigilant about devoting time to documentation. Now that some of the bigger features planned have been released (hello translations and account sharing!) I’m doubling down on documentation like this. If there’s any particular area that remains unclear for you I’d greatly appreciate hearing about it! Go ahead and click the feedback button below and let us know!

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