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App Updates: Observation Templates & Bulk-add

Spring is almost here in the northern hemisphere and it’s been far too long since we’ve shared some updates on Be Inclusive, let’s jump right into the big ones!

Observation Templates

An often requested and much anticipated feature, so happy to announce that observation templates are ready.

It’s quite common to encounter similar issues from one audit to another, these issues often require similar observation details and remediation suggestions. Observation Templates give you the opportunity to save observation details and remediation notes for reuse later.

You’ll now notice a new “My Observation Templates” button at the top of your dashboard, head on over there to give it a try!

Dashboard page with one project, the "My Observation Templates" button at the top right corner is highlighted to illustrate what it looks like.

For a full run down of how to get started using observation templates, please check out the Getting Started with Observation Templates knowledge base article that goes over all the ways to create and use templates in your next audit.

Thanks to everyone that had asked for this feature, and have offer opinions on how templates should be integrated into the app. This was one of the largest additions since the inception of Be Inclusive and necessitated a whole lot of iteration and testing, so I really appreciate your patience as I worked on getting it just right before releasing.

Bulk Add Sample Pages

Keeping the time saving train going, we’ve also added the ability to bulk add structured as well as random sample pages to your projects.

Chances are, when you’re ready to start a new accessibility audit project, that you’ve likely already compiled a list of target samples to test. Well now you can paste that existing list of pages and names (even from a spreadsheet!) right into the bulk add field and Be Inclusive takes care of the rest.

You’ll now see a “Bulk Add” button next to “Add Another” on the third step of the project creation process.

Step 3 of the project creation process called "Select Samples", screenshot of the first section titled "Structured Sample Pages" with two samples already defined. At bottom there's two buttons, "Add another" and "Bulk Add", the latter is outlined with a green square to illustrate where it is on the page.

Check out the Knowledge Base article How do I bulk add target samples to my project? for all the details on how to use this new feature.

Other Updates

Those were the big two, but far from the only updates made to Be Inclusive this year! Here are some other notable improvements

  • Added the ability to provide alt text to uploaded custom logos
  • Removed the H1 option and added an H4 option to the WYSIWYG content editor, to help with maintaining an accurate page outline when that content is added to a page.
  • Several performance improvements, in some cases shaving up to a full second off of load times while in the app.

As always, more to come! If you have a need for a new feature or any suggestions that’d make your workflow easier please do share, suggestions are key to helping prioritize what comes next.

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