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Where do I go for my subscription invoices and receipts?

You can get access to past invoices and receipts from your My Account page.

The "My Subscription" section of the account page, containing details about your current subscription and an option to close your account. In the Subscription section, there's a link named "Manage my subscription (opens Stripe)".
The My Subscription section of the My Account page

Click on the “Manage my subscription (opens Stripe)” link on that page to be directed to a Stripe Subscription details page. This page lists

  • Current subscription information
  • Payment method
  • Billing information
  • Invoice History

The Invoice History section lists all invoices including any initial trial periods, even though they’re free.

Subscription details page offered by Stripe, listing current subscription information, billing and payment info, and at the bottom a section for Invoice History. The Invoice history section lists all invoices including any initial trial periods even though they're free.
Example of the subscription details page offered by Stripe

Click on the invoice you’d like to download, that’ll take you to another Invoice Details page for a single invoice. This details page contains:

  • invoice total
  • invoice number
  • payment date
  • a link to download the invoice
  • a link to download the receipt
Invoice details page for a single invoice, on this page there's details about the invoice total, the invoice number, payment date, and two links to download the invoice or the receipt.

Click on either of those two links to download the document you were looking for, both automatically start a download in PDF version.

Last updated: Nov 19th 2023

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