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I’m having trouble uploading files

File uploads can occasionally be problematic for a number of reasons, let’s take a look at some common reasons for failed file uploads:

  • File is of an unsupported format
    Currently supported formats include various image formats (jpeg,png,bmp,gif,svg,webp), video formats (webm,mp4,ogg,ogv,ogx,avi,qt,mov), JSON files, CSVs, and PDFs. If your file is not one of these formats please convert it and try again. If you cannot, reach out to us with your use case so we can consider adding new formats to the allowed list.
  • File is too large
    There’s no set filesize limitations in place at this time, but very large files (~100MB+) can occasionally cause issues regardless. If possible, please compress the file down and try uploading again.
  • File is corrupt
    A corrupt file will make it impossible to determine the file format so that verification is likely to fail. Try opening your file in other programs first to see if you’re having trouble opening elsewhere. If so, try re-exporting the file and uploading again.
  • You lost your session
    We’ve tried to account for this as best we can, but if you’ve left a page open for more than a couple hours and tried uploading a file without refreshing the page you may have lost your session. Open the site in another tab and log in to restore your session, then try again.
  • Server gremlins
    Over the years, there have been a couple cases of undiagnosed file upload errors that cleared up by themselves. Please give it a bit of time and try uploading again in a bit.

If, after reviewing the common reasons and trying the upload again is still not working, please reach out to us for further assistance.

Last updated: Oct 19th 2022

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