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How do I share view access to audits while in progress?

There are cases where stakeholders not involved with the audit itself would still like to take a look while it’s still in progress. This is certainly a great sign, having active and engaged stakeholders is a wonderful thing. Here’s how to give them that access!

Preview Audit Report

While mid-audit, you have the ability to preview that audit’s report even before it’s been completed. There’s a button towards the top of the main audit page called “Preview Audit Report”, click that to get to the audit report page.

The top of the audit page showing the short name and target sample fields, to the right are three buttons for "Interactive tour", "Project Details", and "Preview Audit Report". The "Preview Audit Report" button has a spotlight and arrow pointing to it.
The location of the Preview Audit Report button on the audit page

Report Visibility

There will be an “Incomplete Audit” warning at the top of the page, but otherwise this is exactly how your report will look should you decide to finalize it.

One of the first sections at the top called “Report Visibility” is where you can adjust the visibility of this report, even when it’s still pending.

The top of the audit report page showing one currently still in progress with an "Incomplete Audit" warning at the top. Highlighted is the section for managing report visibility including "Make Publicly Visible" and "Make Passcode Protected"
The location of the Report Visibility section, where you can give view access to stakeholders

There are three report visibility options:

  • Private (the default) – this means that only logged in admins and editors are able to view the audit report and observations.
  • Passcode Protected – when selected you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode, when you share the audit report with others they will need to enter that passcode if they’re not already a logged in editor or admin of the project
  • Public – Like the example shared on the Be Inclusive homepage, this means that the report is fully publicly visible without any passcode requirements.

Public or Passcode, it’s up to you

To share your work in progress, you can choose to either set the report as publicly visible, or passcode protected. Once you do, you’re free to share that same report URL with stakeholders. They’ll get the same view you do, minus the Report Visibility section and any other sections you choose to hide.

They will also see the “Incomplete Audit” warning at the top, so they’re kept aware of the fact that it’s still in progress and will continue to change.

Wrapping Up

This article covered how to share an audit in progress with stakeholders that don’t have edit access. If you have any further questions or suggestions for this results page please do use the link below to get in touch!

Last updated: Feb 13th 2024

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