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Translations are here!

In the roadmap update posted three months ago I outlined a few higher priority focuses for 2022, happy to announce that I’ve made considerable progress on the very first item on that list – translations!

To toggle translated content, you can use the dropdown located in the header as another menu option dropdown. This selection will be remembered throughout the duration of your session.

What’s done

For initial release of this feature, I focused on:

  • full translations of the evaluation report and all its subsections, observations, and visualizations
  • translations into Dutch, French, and Spanish

I chose these areas to focus on after consulting with some users as well as site analytics data, I wanted to ensure the first release would be as helpful as possible to the people that use Be Inclusive the most, and because the evaluation reports are the most important part that’s shared with clients and colleagues.

What’s still planned

Items still on the roadmap include:

  • More languages.
  • I’ve translated several of the more trafficked pages too, but not everything. I’d like to eventually get to full coverage, perhaps excluding blog posts.
  • To keep costs down I’ve relied on automated translations for a good portion of the content, would eventually like to revisit with a professional translation service.


I’d love any feedback you have about this addition, for example what additional languages would be beneficial to you? What additional pages would you like to see translated? Are blog posts (like this one) important?

Have any feedback about this blog post? Let us know!

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