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App Updates: Q1 2023

Realizing I’ve been terrible about sharing all the goings on behind the scenes at Be Inclusive, how has it’s been over 6 months already?! 😦

Enhanced Observation File Upload Options

Filename, Alternative Text, and Description

Updating a filename, adding alt text, and a description to uploaded files is now supported!

As one might expect, screenshots and video recordings can be a very powerful way to convey what an evaluation observation is all about. You can now add the following to each uploaded file:

  • Filename – Instead of being stuck with the uploaded files name, you can edit this value now
  • Alternative Text – Descriptive text which conveys the meaning and context of an uploaded visual file. Will be shared as alternative text on images.
  • Description – An additional place to go into some more detail about the context of that particular file. Will be added under the filename for all users to perceive.

Paste from Clipboard

In addition to the drag and drop functionality already in place, you can now also paste files from your clipboard directly into an observation. This works for screenshots saved to clipboard as well as standard file copy and paste from a local folder.

Audit Updates

Not Evaluated Criterion Status

New “Not Evaluated” success criterion status option added

Once again thanks to some user feedback, there’s another status option for success criteria to denote that a criterion was purposefully not evaluated. Useful in situations where the scope of the evaluation doesn’t include them.

Move Observations Between Target Samples

Added ability to move observations from one target sample to another, also added a Target Sample field to the observation form so you can more easily copy observations to another target sample too.

Autosave and Session Duration

The autosave functionality within the audit page has been overhauled so that all audit detail changes made are saved after a couple seconds of inactivity. This means fewer chances of losing edits you didn’t manually save.

I also fixed a problem where audits that were left open in a browser tab lost the logged in session. If you selected “Remember Me” when logging in, you’ll now have your session renewed automatically while on the audit page so you’re not logged out due to inactivity.

More Focus on Privacy and Performance

Be Inclusive started with and continues with a commitment to privacy and performance. I believe Privacy is a fundamental human right, and an app that loads as fast as humanly possible is just the way it should always be.

More Deliberate Privacy Notice

While Be Inclusive does track some activity on the site, I don’t do so using cookies and the data I do collect is anonymous. The only goal with the minimal tracking I do have is to make sure everything is working correctly and to get a general sense of what pages are most useful. This is why there is no cookie notice.

you can still choose to opt out of the anonymous analytics by clicking on the “Where’s the cookie notice?” footer link or from the Privacy Notice page.

Refocusing on Performance

Lighthouse performance scores for the Be Inclusive homepage. Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO are all rated at 100%, Performance is at 96%.

Accessibility is always front of mind, but another aspect I’ve not mentioned is the work ensuring the app loads quickly for subscribers worldwide. Recent updates/additions dipped performance down to 79%, latest code refactors got it back to 96%! 🚀

I’ve also added a Website Carbon widget to the footer on the homepage as a personal call to action to ensure I don’t let that number grow.

Other Minor Updates

  • Added ability to reopen an audit that had been previously marked completed.
  • Dozens of server, programming language, and site framework upgrades were completed for security and performance improvements.
  • Default Language option added to projects, so clients viewing reports for the first time don’t need to choose.
  • Various documentation updates, several more Knowledge Base pages added.

Thank You

If you’ve read through this whole post, I’m greatly appreciative of your time and attention.

I’ll close out with a few reminders:

  • I’m always on the lookout for more feedback and ideas of how to make Be Inclusive even better, if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out!
  • Give Be Inclusive a follow on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter so you can stay in the know about future updates as well.
  • Please consider joining the Mailing List for (very) infrequent news about the Be Inclusive app.

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