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App Updates: Farewell Beta, Hello Dark Mode!

Welcome to the brand new Be Inclusive blog! I plan to use this space to share the latest updates made to the app, plans for upcoming features, and perhaps the occasional accessibility- & audit-related post. Be sure to check back often for new updates! Today I’d like to cover two such updates, coming out of beta and the introduction of dark mode.

Farewell Beta

After countless rounds of bug fixes and feature enhancements since opening Be Inclusive up to user registrations six months ago, the time has come to take Be Inclusive out of beta. I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to not only give this app a try, but also to provide some wonderful feedback that helped elevate Be Inclusive from a rough idea to the app it is today. We’re now offering several subscription plans to fit any budget, and a one week no obligation free trial to get you started.

Hello Dark Mode

One of the biggest feature enhancements I alluded to above is the addition of dark mode support! A couple folks suggested that a dark mode may ease eye strain while working on project audits in particular, a page where we can spend a great deal of time while working through all the test cases and pages that an audit entails. I couldn’t agree more as it totally aligns with one of my biggest goals for this app, to be as inclusive as possible to the people that entrust their web accessibility audit management to Be Inclusive.

As of today, the default theme you’ll see when coming to this site will adhere to your preferred color scheme. If for any reason you’d like to change that, I’ve also added the ability to reset your color preference when you log into your profile. Look for the slider under Color Scheme to toggle dark mode on and off.

If you’re interested in some of the specific development details of how I included dark mode support to this app, check out the related blog post “Implementing Dark Mode” on my personal blog. There were some interesting challenges along the way that I wanted to make sure to jot down in detail.

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